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2003 Annual Alumnae Picnic
Casey L.,Karmen S.,Ronnie B,Julie S.,Jill B, Erin M,Charlianne W.,Jodi B,Lisa P, Devon J

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What is an Alumnae??
People tend to keep in contact with those individuals that are most important to them or with whom they have the strongest friendships.  
This holds true with Delta Zeta alumnae. Regardless of age, a Delta Zeta alumna will keep in contact with sisters whom they pledged with; or their roommates in the sorority house, dorm or apartment; or members who served as chapter officers; or chapter members they consider their closest friends. Delta Zeta provides a number of ways for keeping in touch with those sisters. Our Alumnae Chapter is concerned for us, believes in us, and supports us no matter what.  We are very lucky to have one of the largest Alumnae Chapter's in the state. We have pot luck dinners, picnics, turtle auctions (selling old DZ stuff), email pen pals and much more! We enjoy having fun and getting to know our Alumnae better. They are wonderful women to know and it is an honor to be their sisters.  Thank you Omicron Mu Alumnae for all that you do.  We love you!
Congratulations to:
Rosetta Chiou on her engagement to Michael Andrew Glock. Their wedding will be on April 22, 2005 and will reside in Fairfield, OH. Congrats Rosie!!
Kasey and Dathan Roberts. They are expecting a baby boy in May!
Jennifer and Matt Chandler on their newest addition! Mary Kathryn Rose Chandler born on February 22, 2005! (and yet another legacy arrives)!
Beth Thomas on her recent pregnancy. Do we have a legacy coming soon?
A HUGE thank you to Ronnie Brown, Recruitment Advisor for OM, for all of your hardwork and dedication in our fall recruitment! We wouldn't of made it without you!

To those closer ones, love that is ever steadfast.-The Delta Zeta Creed