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Parent's Page

With initiation in Delta Zeta Sorority, your daughter continues a rich tradition of sisterhood while preparing for her future. Here are the opportunities and rewards she will experience as a member of this honored Sorority:

The Bonds of Friendship
As a Delta Zeta, your daughter will have a lifetime of friends in every location in the United States, Canada, as well as the UK! Sisters are everywhere! These special bonds provide support, guidance, networking, and are invaluable in every phase of your daughter’s life. She will discover friends who share her same interests, and have her well being and happiness at heart. The sincere friendship she experiences, both as a collegian and an alumna, helps her to succeed in every endeavor. Not only do her friendships enrich her college experience, but they will provide a special connection in her personal and professional life after graduation.

The Value of Scholarship
One of Delta Zeta’s strongest tenets is that of academic achievement and excellence. Our Sorority is founded on the principles of learning, not only in the scholastic setting, but in every phase of life. Your daughter has met certain scholastic requirements to become an initiate. Her chapter is dedicated to helping her maintain her grades and continue to succeed academically. The academic chair of each chapter works to implement study and mentoring programs to help sisters succeed. Many of our collegiate chapters have received recognition for outstanding GPAs and for individual members who have received scholarships, President and Dean’s list designations, and other academic awards. Your daughter also has the opportunity to apply for national and local Delta Zeta scholarships, which will allow her to continue her academic success.

The Benefits of Service
When your daughter gives of her time and talents to help others in need, she receives the rewarding experiences of personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Service to others, whether in the community, the campus, or within the Sorority, has been an integral part of Delta Zeta since its inception. Every chapter devotes much of its attention and effort to helping where there is a need. The national altruistic project supported by the collegiate and alumnae chapters is assistance to the speech and hearing impaired. Our national philanthropic projects are Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. and the House Ear Institute in Los Angeles, California. Gallaudet University is the only four-year liberal arts school in the world devoted wholly to the needs, instruction, and training of young people who are deaf. The House Ear Institute is one of the world’s foremost research, teaching, and treatment centers in the field of hearing. Through our work, we also educate the public on the challenges that the hearing impaired face. As a part of Delta Zeta, your daughter learns the importance of giving back to her community and contributing to improve the quality of life for others.

The Opportunity for Growth
In Delta Zeta, your daughter will experience the opportunity to grow in roles that interest her: leadership, academics, financial management, public relations, fundraising, athletics, and many others. It is in helping her realize her greatest potential that Delta Zeta receives its greatest rewards. Beginning with her pledge education, her participation in Sorority activities, and through the senior program, she will strengthen her character, build self-esteem, and come to know herself. She will learn responsibility to herself and others. Membership helps her maintain and develop the fine ideals which you, as her parent, have instilled in her.

Chapters Provide Support and Guidance
The Sorority has over 400 alumnae and collegiate chapters in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Each collegiate chapter has elected officers who are responsible for different areas within the chapter: membership and academics. Collegiate Chapter Directors and dedicated alumnae volunteers assist their collegiate sisters in all aspects of chapter protocol and responsibilities and help to oversee the chapter functions. This gives the collegiate members the benefit of the experience and guidance of their alumnae sisters. In this supportive atmosphere, your daughter will share the sorority experience firsthand with her sisters, and grow in her role and responsibilities as a Delta Zeta.

The following information was taken off the Delta Zeta National Website.